Copenhagen on two wheels

If the thought of experiencing a capital city on two wheels scares you, Copenhagen will soon change your mind. The city is built for cyclists and you’ll see more bikes than cars in the city centre. A third of Copenhageners commute to work by bicycle and it’s not unusual to see people in suits, heels and skirts effortlessly pedalling past.

Cargo bike

Built for bike lanes

Copenhagen is covered by 350km of cycle paths and lanes which are raised from the road and really safe to cycle on. Some city junctions even have flashing lights when cyclists approach to warn drivers before they turn. 


The world’s best cycle city

For two years running, Copenhagen has been voted the best cycle city by US sustainability experts Treehugger. Copenhagen excels because of its many, broad and widely-used cycle lanes. As well as that, it’s only a short ride north or south of the city to fantastic beaches, forests, parkland and other attractions.

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Denmark is made for cycling holidays

Take a cycling holiday in Denmark

With more than 12,000km of signposted cycle routes, gentle terrain, and short distances between amenities, Denmark is a country made for cyclists and cycling trips. 


Copenhagen cycling video