Danish bike design

Danish bike design

Bikes are not just bikes in Denmark – they are a way of life. Take Christiania Bikes for example, designed in the 1970s and as popular as ever today. The central importance of bikes for Danes has meant that bike design has evolved rapidly. As a result, Denmark is often one step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of bike design and innovation.

The Pedersen Bicycle


The classic bike as we know it took shape in the 1800s and has not changed much since. There have been alternative designs however and the Danish Pedersen Bicycle from 1893 is one which is still sought-after today. With its unusual high cantilever frame and its hammock-style seat which absorbs bumps, the Pedersen bicycle is a truly unique creation, still produced today.

Christiania bike

Christiania Bikes

The Freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen has been a car-free zone since the 70s and this meant the need for locals to creatively look for alternative transport methods. Classic Christiania Bikes with a trailer on the front, perfect for transporting kids, friends, goods and even post, were first produced in Christiania in the 80s. They were such a hit that the company grew and moved, but the name remained and you’ll see Christiania Bikes being used by all sorts of Danes all over the country.

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You can visit Christiania where Christiania Bikes were invented:



Freetown Christiania

For over 40 years, Christiania has been a place like no other, nestled in a picturesque part of Christianshavn.

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