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Cycling in Denmark

Sometimes it’s easy to feel lost. Life can be pretty stressful. Always plugged in. Head down. No time to stop. No time to take a moment and appreciate the world around us. Those moments are rare. They are precious. They are worth finding. We believe those moments can be found in Denmark - and they are even easier to find on a bike.

Denmark is a country and a culture defined by cycling. We are small, but our landscape is varied, beautiful and inspiring. From sprawling fields and wild forests to sleepy towns and beautiful coastlines, everything is close and easy to reach. Our 12,000km of signposted cycle routes are the arteries that flow directly to the heart of Danish living. They pump the life blood through our nation. They remind us that we are all connected.

Cycling in Denmark is truly a shared experience. A chance to make time for each other. To create more golden moments together. To discover new places and meet new people. To enjoy life at your own speed. To find your way.

Click on the interactive map below to explore Denmark's official cycling routes and unique points of interest along the way.

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Find Your Way: The Baltic Sea Route

The 820-kilometre N8 Route is Denmark's longest official cycle path, leading you alongside the dramatic Baltic Sea. 

Plan Your Cycling Holiday: DenmarkByBike

Here you will find the best cycling tours in Denmark and also suggested marked routes for your upcoming biking adventure.

Tønder - Credit: Niclas Jessen

Find Your Way Through South Jutland

In South Jutland you are equally near the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, so you can easily explore both stunning regions. 

Find Your Way Through Fyn

For fantastic family holidays, relaxed trips with friends or adventurous mountain biking, 'Bike Island' is a cycling paradise. 


Find Your Way Through North Sealand

Royal North Sealand is a truly magical kingdom to explore. Discover majestic castles, impressive museums and beautiful coastline.

Slettestrand; Credit: Niclas Jessen

Find Your Way Along the West Coast Route

Discover the Danish West Coast by bike, with many opportunities to enjoy the freedom and the breath-taking wide horizon

Die wiedergefundene Brücke

Find Your Way Through Horsens

In East Jutland lies the lush and varied landscape of Horsens and the surrounding area, with small islands, rolling hills and golden fields.


Find Your Way Along The Ancient Road of Hærvejen

The Ancient Road offers you over 500 kilometres of hiking and cycling routes through beautiful nature, fascinating history and adventure. 

Panorama cycle routes in East Denmark

Panorama Cycle Routes: East Denmark

Enjoy East Denmark with the help of these nine cycle routes, covering Møn Island, Stevns Cliffs, Falster Island and Prestø Island.

Panorama cycle routes, West Denmark

Panorama Cycle Routes: West Denmark

Take a West Coast tour with any or all of these 16 scenic cycle routes, each one a loop that runs the length of Jutland's coast.

Biking Copenhagen

Explore Copenhagen on Two Wheels

Go with the flow and explore the city by bike, Copenhagen-style.

Cargo bikes

Danish Bike Design

Danish Design is known for more than chairs and lamps! Learn about types of Danish bikes and why Danes prefer to cycle to get around.