Find Your Way along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8) in Denmark

This latest addition to Denmark’s nationwide cycle network takes you on an exhilarating and unforgettable island-hopping cycling adventure. Stretching out across 820km, and connected by bridges and ferries, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8) is Denmark’s longest official cycle route, featuring the most beautiful coastal regions in Denmark.

Click on the map below to explore the many stunning points of interest you can discover as you find your way along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

Explore The Baltic Sea Route in Denmark

Covering West and South Zealand, Møn, Lolland Falster, Fyn, Lillebælt and South Jutland, The Baltic Sea Cycle Route gives you the freedom to explore, at your leisure, our most diverse countryside: golden cornfields, rolling, windswept beaches, dark atmospheric woods and timeless Danish villages to take your breath away.

Each part of your journey will give you endless moments to reflect on your surroundings, to feel connected with the land and the sea and invigorate your spirit. Let the road be your guide as you experience nature and culture in perfect harmony. Discover stunning landscapes, indulge in world-class restaurants and relax in sumptuous but cosy accommodation, all close to dramatic coastline.

Whether you are an experienced or recreational cyclist, this clearly-signed and safe route offers a wholly-satisfying holiday experience. However you want to explore South Denmark, The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is all you need to find your way.

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Fast Facts

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is around 820 km long and takes the shape of a figure eight (or the sign for 'infinity') through southern Denmark and the Baltic Sea islands. The loop crosses in Svendborg on south Fyn.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is an official national cycle path, marked continuously with the symbol "N8".

The route runs almost continuously right by the coast and on natural paths.

Over the course of the route, the N8 has five ferries and eight bridges.

Along the way, cyclists will find ample bed & bike accommodation, restaurants and eateries, bike shops and other activities such as cycling packages and luggage transport.