Denmark Instagrammed: Fyn local highlights

You may know Fyn (Funen) as the home of Hans Christian Andersen. But there is much more to see beyond historic Odense, if you know where to go. Luckily, local Kristoff Styrbæk has gathered some ideas and picture inspiration for things to see and do on a holiday on Fyn. Follow him round five cultural, historical and natural highlights from Denmark's garden island here.

1. The old port of #Faaborg


'Faaborg is a wonderful, old port town located in the south of Funen. The charming old and colourful houses, the small streets together with the harbour and the iconic yellow Bell Tower all make Faaborg a nice town for visitors. The nearby islands of Lyø, Avernakø and Bjørnø can all be reached by ferry from Faaborg - small islands, which are perfect opportunities for a nice day-trip!' 


2. Picturesque #Egeskov Castle


Woke up early today to explore the colourful streets of Copenhagen! #VisitDenmark #InCopenhagen

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'Egeskov Castle, built for defence purposes, is a 462-year-old castle and famous for being the best preserved of its kind in all of Europe. The castle is located in a beautiful park in the south of Funen, approximately 30km from Odense City.'

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Kristoff Styrbæk @kstyrbaek

Kristoff Styrbæk is a 27-year-old engineering student at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). He comes from Odense and has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, food and underwater hunting. Follow @kstyrbaek for a feel of the atmosphere and landscape of the island of Funen (Fyn).

Fyn: Han's Christian Andersen's Island Home

Spend a fairy-tale few days exploring Fyn, home of Hans Christian Andersen and an island covered in historical manor houses and castles.