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BIKE & STAY DK is your guide to experiences and campsites along the 26 Panorama cycle routes through Denmark. The app gives you quick access to route maps, recommended sights and the best campsites close by. Save time planning your cycling holiday and maximize your enjoyment of cycling through Denmark, with the BIKE & STAY DK app. 

How our BIKE & STAY DK app works

Things to see and campsites nearby will be automatically downloaded when you’re in Denmark, so you’re freed up to experience Denmark’s Panorama cycle routes. And everything works offline, so you don't need to worry about roaming charges when here. These cycle routes are short scenic tours, tailored to daytrips through Denmark’s countryside. 10 routes take you through Eastern Denmark and 16 along Denmark’s West Coast.

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Our new BIKE & STAY app comes in English, Danish, German and Dutch and will automatically download the correct language for you, based on your mobile phone settings.

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Our BIKE & STAY app has been named Official Honoree at the Webby Awards and bronze winner at the Lovie Awards!

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