When to go

 Each season has something to offer visitors. Here's what to know.


sun Summer
May through September, the days are still long and the weather usually pleasant. You'll find everyone outside soaking up the sunny summer vibes. July and August are the peak months in Denmark. 


winter Winter
Winter is "hygge season." We break out the hot cocoa, candles, and blankets. It's a great time to experience the Danish Christmas season or explore museums, restaurants, and holiday markets.

spring Spring 
Spring in Denmark is a great time to visit. The weather is usually comfortable and is a popular shoulder season. While it can be rainy, Spring often sees less rain than Autumn, making it an ideal shoulder season for savvy tourists. 


autumn Autumn 
Autumn in Denmark, the weather can be cooler and less predictable (though you can count on some rain), but the lines to popular attractions are shorter and you can still explore the country on foot or by bike as temperatures remain relatively suitable.



Kastrup Airport

Denmark's largest airport is Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport (CPH) where the majority of international flights arrive. 


Billund Airport

Billund Airport (BLL), in central Jutland, is conveniently located and the second largest international airport.


Aalborg Airport

Aalborg Airport (AAL) is your best bet for any North Jutland trips and is easily reachable from European countries. 

Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport (AAR) is quickly growing and your best bet for the City of Smiles. An alternative is Billund Airport. 




You can reach Denmark by train from Germany or Sweden. Denmark's national train service is DSB. 



Driving to Denmark can be done from Germany or Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. If you want to rent a car in Denmark, that can also be easily done. 



Ferries run regularly from Germany, Sweden, and Norway regularly. You can also take cruises around Denmark. 


It's possible to bike to Denmark. The most common route is via Berlin and Hamburg across the Danish-German border. 



 Useful Info & Fun Facts

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Danish currency, cash machines, credit cards, banking, and tipping.

Public Transport

Public Transport

How to get around Denmark: Trains, buses, metro, cycling, car, and boats. Oh my! 


Medical Emergencies

Emergency room, hospital, and non-emergency medical information. 

Entry and Visas

Entry information, visas, passport requirements, and imported goods.




Learn about Denmark's surprisingly long coastline and its mountains rolling hills. 



Learn about Danish demographics like population numbers, density and more.



Danes are a friendly bunch but a few basics can go a long way in terms of etiquette. 

Free Museums

Museums. That are free. Here's a list of them and when to go. Enjoy! 


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