South Jutland

South Jutland is Denmark’s historic borderland and has both a rich and varied past and a unique culture. South Jutland is a gentle, open land, bordered by Little Belt to the east and the UNESCO World Heritage site the Wadden Sea National Park to the west. The history of South Jutland closely mirrors that of Denmark as a whole. The areas in South Jutland have changed hands countless times throughout history and the region is scattered with historical sites and monuments. Today, Flensburg Fjord acts as a natural border with Germany, but in line with the Schengen Area agreement, there is no longer a physical border to cross.

Explore South Jutland

There's something for everyone in South Jutland! The kids will love the world-famous Legoland, while history buffs should visit the Ribe Viking Centre.


South Jutland highlights

Add these South Jutland must do's to your bucket list!

The Wadden Sea

South Jutland islands

South Jutland has some unique and popular holiday islands, which are easy to visit from the mainland.

Birdwatching in Jutland

You can’t beat South-West Jutland for birdwatching. So pack up your binoculars and head west!

Romø beach

Sea and beaches

You’re spoilt for choice in South Jutland when it comes to calm, family-friendly beaches. There are many dotted along the Little Belt coast, the island of Als and the Kegnæs peninsula.

Cycling Denmark

Active holidays

The wide open expanses of South Jutland offer you a wealth of outdoor possibilities, on land, water and wheels.